Psychological Assessment 


Psychological assessment (non-forensic or neuropsychological) can be useful to help an individual gain insight into personality and/or cognitive functioning and how these factors may affect one's daily life. Psychological testing is also a useful component of pre-surgical evaluation to help determine whether one is psychologically and/or cognitively ready for such a procedure. 

What to expect:


The purpose of testing will be explained thoroughly, along with limits of confidentiality. Paper-and-pencil, and perhaps computerized, tests will be administered over the course of one or more sessions. Feedback about your performance, and specific implications for your life, as well as recommendations for optimal functioning, will be offered.  


Additional information: 


A few examples of referral questions for psychological assessment:


  • Assist with diagnostic clarification
  • Determine if an individual's IQ is affecting his/her work potential
  • Pre-surgical evaluation for surgeries such as: bariatric, cosmetic, transplant, etc. 




*MFNC does not accept insurance. However, if provided by clients, we will complete paperwork so that individuals can seek at least partial reimbursement for out-of-network providers. Whether an individual receives reimbursement for services is contingent on one's insurance carrier and plan.