Consultation Services

MFNC offers a wide variety of consultation services. Several options are briefly described below; however, please contact us if you have a request not listed and we will work with you to tailor services to meet your needs. 


Litigation consultation

E.g., assist with evaluating the neuropsychological/forensic/psychological merits of a case; assist with legal strategy from a mental health perspective; critically review the CVs, work product, and expert opinions offered by other neuropsychologists and psychologists; assist in trial preparation, including development of direct and cross examination questions and strategy


Law enforcement and government agency consultation

E.g., provide consultation related to the psychological and/or neuropsychological health of candidates, current employees, organizational structure/protocol; offer insight into the psychology of individual and/or situational variables one may encounter  


Business consultation

E.g., assist with candidate selection from entry-level to senior executive positions; assess an organization's overall psychological wellness and identify strategies to improve morale and increase productivity; discuss risk assessment and management 


Mental and medical health professional consultation  

E.g.,  provide supervision to mental health professionals seeking licensure (e.g., psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, etc.) or those already licensed seeking supervision on a variety of clinical areas, professional development, and practice issues; consult with physicians, dentists, nurses, etc. on issues related to neuropsychological functioning, forensic matters, and/or general psychological health and well-being